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    Lovely Orange Tints

    1849-D G$1 PCGS AU50


    Pretty AU example with attractive orange and green-gold tints and plenty of original luster remaining in the protected areas of the fields. A great, early gold dollar, struck during the big gold rush year of 1849, but this one comes from the Georgia mint of Dahlonega.

    Popular Date

    1849-D G$1 PCGS MS61


    Superior luster gleams from even, lemon-gold surfaces. Terrific eye appeal and technical quality for the grade! The 1849-D is the most plentiful gold dollar from this mint, but Uncirculated pieces are nonetheless elusive.

    Amazing Coin!

    1851 G$1 PCGS/CAC MS67 (OGH)


    An absolutely stunning type one gold dollar with superb, original surfaces. While there are other pieces technically graded higher, we view it as a crime to tamper with this beautifully preserved old green holder. The coin is truly special with such stunning satiny luster and no noticeable marks. CAC approved for quality.

    Scarce Type 2 Variety

    1854 G$1 PCGS/CAC MS65+ (Type 2)


    Scarce type 2. gold dollar. The special thing about this gem type coin is not only that it's scarce in such high grade, but there is no evidence of die clashing whatsoever on this piece. Estimates range from 10-15% of the coins produced at this period to be free of such obstructions and this coin is the first we have handled with this appearance in years. CAC approved for quality. PCGS+ grade for premium quality at the top of end of the assigned grade.

    Popular Branch Mint Gold

    1859-C G$1 PCGS AU58


    Satiny, orange-gold surfaces show exceptional detail for the issue and the grade. A choice addition for the astute Southern gold collector! The final gold dollar to be issued at the Charlotte mint. Approximately 5,235 pieces were produced with an estimated 250 pieces surviving today, mostly in grades of XF and lower. Uncirculated examples are very scarce and desirable. Every known example is struck quite weakly at some point on the coin.

    Old Green Label Holder

    1859-D G$1 PCGS XF45 (OGH)


    Lovely and original example of this popular Dahlonega gold issue. Tangerine tints highlight the design elements on both sides of this choice XF! Devices are glossy, especially on the reverse, with substantial detail remaining and nice eye appeal for the grade.