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    1849-D G$1 PCGS MS63


    An impressive condition rarity! The first year of issue for gold dollars at the Dahlonega mint, the issue is also the most available in high grades. Struck during the big gold rush year of 1849, this issue comes from the North Georgia mint. A select piece, with uncommonly sharp to full striking detail throughout the bright lemon gold surfaces. The luster is strong and ranges from satiny to semi-reflective in finish. PCGS has graded only five examples finer!

    Gold Rush Year

    1849-O G$1 NGC MS65+


    Better New Orleans issue from a mintage of 215,000 coins only a handful of examples have been graded finer than this high-end gem! Rich honey-gold surfaces are incredibly lustrous and offer sharp detail with excellent eye appeal!

    Tied for Finest Known!

    1851-D G$1 PCGS MS64

    Coins We Love
    Next Bid: $40,000.00
    Closes: 4D 10H

    A rare Mint State survivor in choice condition! From a mintage of just 9,882 coins, it is tied with two others at PCGS as the finest graded, with only a single piece graded higher at NGC. A later die state example as evidenced by the heavy radial die crack from the I in AMERICA. The surfaces radiate glowing luster and are uniformly colored an ideal warm medium-gold. The striking detail is impressively sharp though the LLA in DOLLAR and the 5 in the date are softly defined as usual. Overall the eye appeal is wonderful and sure to please the discerning Southern gold connoisseur.

    Rare Issue

    1854-D G$1 NGC MS61


    Wonderful circulation survivor from an extremely low mintage of just 2,935, this Dahlonega issue is quite difficult to locate for even the most advanced collectors. Well-struck surfaces glow with strong luster beneath rich patina of warm golden-orange color. Great eye appeal! An ideal piece for the Southern Gold connoisseur.

    Elusive Dahlonega Gold Dollar

    1856-D G$1 PCGS AU50

    Vault Value
    Next Bid: $10,500.00
    Closes: 11D 10H

    Hailing from a tiny original mintage of just 1,460 pieces, the 1856-D is a leading rarity in the Dahlonega Mint gold dollar series. The bright, wheat-gold surfaces are well-defined despite being weakly struck as is typical of the issue. The eye appeal is quite strong considering the grade level and is enhanced by the absence of all but light wear evidence of its brief time in circulation.

    Low Mintage Charlotte Issue

    1857-C G$1 NGC MS61


    Outstanding Mint State survivor of this low mintage Charlotte issue. Only 13,280 pieces were produced with less than 10 pieces have been graded finer between both services. An issue notorious for poor striking and planchet quality, this rare uncirculated survivor boasts strong luster and boldly defined details, and beautiful medium-gold coloration throughout. CWL Special $9,200 - Normally $10,000!

    Popular Branch Mint Gold

    1859-D G$1 PCGS MS61 ex: Bass


    An affordable mint state example from a mintage of 4,952 pieces. One of only a few dozen uncirculated survivors from the fabled Dahlonega facility! A boldly struck example for the issue with softness limited to the 5 in the date. Glowing luster radiates from both sides and a uniform orange-golden color evenly coats the fields.