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    Rare Date!

    1884 3cN PCGS MS66

    Next Bid: $41,000.00
    Closes: 4D 22H

    Outstanding gem example of this rare, low mintage issue of only 1700 coins struck. The design elements are exceedingly well-struck and standout against bright golden-grey surfaces overlaid in patches of coppery-orange toning. The eye appeal is wonderful! Bested by only a single PCGS piece, this would make a fantastic acquisition for the advanced registry collector.

    Old NGC Holder

    1885 3cN NGC/CAC MS65 (OH)

    Next Bid: $13,500.00
    Closes: 4D 22H

    This original gem displays satiny, lustrous surfaces that feature pretty pink undertones that glow through the olive-gold patina. Sharply struck and high-end for the grade, this piece is perfect for the advanced collector!

    Popular Key Date

    1926-S 5c PCGS/CAC MS64 ex: D.L. Hansen

    Next Bid: $13,550.00
    Closes: 11D 21H

    Fantastic example of this key date Buffalo nickel. Satiny, smooth surfaces are well-struck and toned a pleasing golden-grey with subtle pink undertones. Overall an eye appealing, high-end piece that presents a relatively affordable option for collectors before the price jump for gem examples. The Hansen Collection holds a near finest known MS65 example in the primary registry set.

    Gorgeous Toning

    1829 H10c NGC MS66

    Next Bid: $3,800.00
    Closes: 4D 22H

    Stunning, superb gem example of this first year of issue in the capped bust half dime series. Rich aqua, violet, and rose-gold tones span the sharply struck surfaces on both the obverse and reverse. Great eye appeal!

    Better Date O-Mint

    1900-O 10c NGC MS66

    Next Bid: $4,500.00
    Closes: 4D 22H

    Scarce and popular New Orleans-mint Barber dime, only two examples have been graded finer than this superb gem! Well-struck and beautifully preserved surfaces are satiny and tinted a lovely golden color.

    Beautiful Rainbow Toning

    1908-D 25c PCGS MS67+

    Vault Value
    Next Bid: $15,000.00
    Closes: 4D 23H

    Beautiful rainbow highlights with stunning concentric circles on the obverse and reverse. The light silver-centered obverse accentuates the amazing colors that fall into the rims. PCGS+ grade for premium quality at the top of end of the assigned grade.

    Tied for Finest Known!

    1949-S 50c PCGS/CAC MS67+ FBL ex: Linda Gail

    Next Bid: $18,000.00
    Closes: 11D 21H

    The 1949-S Franklin is a popular, key date in the series and this beauty is tied for finest known! Radiant luster shines through the patina of pale gold with stunning bands of rich multicolor toning along the right rim of the obverse and spanning the reverse peripherals. The strike is razor sharp and the eye appeal is stupendous!

    Rare Cameo Proof

    1950 50c NGC/CAC Proof 67+ CAM

    Next Bid: $19,000.00
    Closes: 11D 22H

    Popular first year proof Franklin issue from a low mintage of 51,386 coins struck. This exceptionally preserved beauty is completely untoned and virtually flawless. Silky smooth mirrors offer a remarkable cameo finish creating outstanding eye appeal.

    Rare Bust Dollar Variety

    1798 $1 PCGS AU55 (B-16, BB-110, Pt 9, 4 lines) ex: Miller/D.L. Hansen

    Next Bid: $52,000.00
    Closes: 11D 22H

    PCGS #40027. One of the most important trademarks of this rare variety is the heavy die crack that spans the lower left obverse from the tops of the 179 to the left rim just below the first star. Well-defined surfaces are free of any individually distracting marks of this piece's brief time in circulation. gunmetal-blue, gold and green iridescence spanning the obverse and reverse. Lovely gun-metal surfaces give way to subtle gold, green, and pale pink iridescence when examined under a light source.

    Beautifully Toned Gem

    1877 Trade$ PCGS/CAC MS65 ex: D.L. Hansen

    Next Bid: $10,300.00
    Closes: 11D 22H

    A great Trade dollar type coin that becomes scarce in gem condition, this beauty stands out for it's high-end technical quality and wonderful toning. Strong underlying mint luster is highlighted by tones of gold, blue-green and orange. The number one set holds the finest known MS 66+ example for the date.


    1877-CC Trade$ PCGS MS64

    Next Bid: $22,000.00
    Closes: 4D 23H

    The 1877-CC Trade Dollar had a healthy striking of 534,000 coins, but the date is very scarce and underappreciated due to the number of pieces that were melted shortly thereafter and in China where they were used for trade. Bright and beautifully untoned, PCGS has graded only three examples finer than this choice specimen!

    Impressive Ultra Gem

    1886 $1 PCGS MS68

    Next Bid: $13,000.00
    Closes: 4D 23H

    Gorgeous, conditionally rare example of this common date Morgan Dollar. Sharply struck and amazingly preserved surfaces are silky smooth and bathed in full, billowy mint frost. Essentially untoned save for touches of pale pink along the borders. The eye appeal is exceptional!