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    Rare Restrike

    1811 1/2c PCGS/CAC MS66 BN (Mickley Restrike)

    Next Bid: $38,900.00
    Closes: 11D 9H

    An extremely rare restrike with the obverse of 1811 and reverse of 1802! About example of this Mickley Restrike a dozen are estimated to exist of which the present offering is the finest known with CAC approval. This was a private creation coined sometime in the late 1850s from retired coinage dies Mickley obtained from a dealer who had purchased them from the Mint as "scrap iron". Struck from slightly rusty dies both sides show heavy die rust. The precisely struck surfaces offer outstanding eye appeal! Mahogany-brown coloration coats both sides with plenty of original red-orange along the obverse rim and subtle purple undertones present throughout. A great rarity that seldom comes to market, this piece is certainly worthy of a strong bid! <br /><br />Ex: William F. Dunham Collection (B. Max Mehl, 6/1941), lot 1269; Belden E. Roach Collection (B. Max Mehl, 2/1944), lot 3278; W.W. Neil Collection (B. Max Mehl, 6/1947); Joseph Brobston Collection (Stack's FPL, 1/1963); A. Buol Hinman Collection (Century Sale, Paramount, 4/1965), lot 89; Alfred Bonard (1966); Jon Hanson (1/27/1967); Donald G. Partrick.

    Amazing Gem Half Cent

    1854 1/2c PCGS MS66 RB

    Vault Value
    Next Bid: $8,250.00
    Closes: 11D 9H

    This beautifully preserved gem boasts exceedingly sharp details and plenty of original mint red-orange color. The rich red color is especially vibrant on the reverse and is featured along the rims of the obverse while the central devices display a steely blue patina. Only a single red-brown example has been graded finer!

    Fantastic Gem Proof

    1872 1c PCGS Proof 66 RB

    Vault Value
    Next Bid: $3,600.00
    Closes: 11D 9H

    Superb gem from a low mintage issue of just 950 coins struck in proof format. Clean brick red mirrors showcase razor sharp design detail and wonderful peach, rose, and olive-gold undertones. The eye appeal is excellent! Only two coins have been graded numerically finer.

    Beautiful Gem Key Date

    1909-S VDB 1c PCGS MS66 RD

    Next Bid: $12,500.00
    Closes: 4D 9H

    One of the primary keys to the Lincoln cent collection and a rare date that is coveted by all collectors. This superb gem is wonderfully lustrous and sharply struck with ideal golden-orange coloration. A piece worthy of the registry quality collector, the eye appeal is absolutely fantastic!

    Desirable Early Type Coin

    1797 10c PCGS F12 (16 Stars)

    Next Bid: $5,075.00
    Closes: 11D 10H

    Very desirable as an early draped bust type coin with the small eagle reverse. This is an attractive and affordable example with no abrasions of any individual significance to take away from the pleasing visual appeal. Even wear and deep slate-grey coloration spans both sides. 16 stars are engraved on the obverse to represent the count of states in the Union at the time of issue.

    Lustrous Early Dime

    1807 10c PCGS MS63

    Next Bid: $9,750.00
    Closes: 11D 10H

    A handsome example with subtle rim toning and soft white centers. Excellent value collector grade as MS64's command nearly double. A desirable early draped bust type coin with the large eagle reverse.

    Registry Quality!

    1911-D 10c PCGS MS67

    Next Bid: $3,225.00
    Closes: 11D 10H

    A condition rarity worthy of the advanced Barber collector! Frosty white surfaces are exceptionally struck throughout with light touches of golden toning along the rims of both sides. Only two example have been graded finer.

    Tied for Finest Known!

    1935-S 10c PCGS MS68

    Vault Value
    Next Bid: $3,750.00
    Closes: 11D 10H

    This stunning ultra gem example is tied for finest known with just one other PCGS example. Sharp, full striking detail is showcased throughout. Frosty lustrous surfaces are untoned save for touches of mottled multicolor toning featured along the peripherals. A perfect piece for the registry collector!