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    Impossibly Rare Straight Grade Shipwreck Coin

    S.S. Republic: 1858-O 50c NGC XF45 (With Box and COA)


    If collectors are looking for an SS Republic shipwreck example, they will have no trouble locating a details coin with the infamous "shipwreck effect" moniker. But with fewer than 50 pieces estimated to have survived without saltwater damage, they may have to search for years to find an example like this. Here we have a shipwreck coin that must have been buried by so many others, they served to protect this one from the elements and any saltwater etching. Simply amazing.

    Popular Shipwreck Restrike

    S.S. Central America: 1855 Kellogg Restrike $50 PCGS Gem UNC (Box & COA)


    These 2.5 ounce gold coins were produced in commemoration of the S.S. Central America's voyage and unfortunate end in 1857. The California Historical Society went through great lengths to closely replicate the original Kellogg $50 proofs by creating dies transferred from the originals, using gold from Kellogg and Co. ingots found in the shipwreck, and striking them with a press from the San Francisco mint. An original Kellogg $50 proof would cost you the better part of $1 million. These replicas present a reasonable alternative. Note that the coin has some toning. The uncirculated issues are much rarer than the proof restrikes as the large majority disappeared and have been presumed to have been melted.