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    Rare Proof Half Cent

    1836 1/2c NGC Proof 64 BN (Original)

    Next Bid: $10,350.00
    Closes: 14D 14H

    From a mintage of just 42 coins, distinguished as an original from the restrikes by the absence of buckling in the center of the obverse. The surfaces of this Choice proof are sufficiently mirrored with rich dark-chocolate brown coloration evenly spanning both sides. exquisitely detailed with subtle purple undertones that add to the fantastic eye appeal!

    Gorgeous Gem Proof

    1855 1/2c NGC Proof 66 BN

    Next Bid: $11,500.00
    Closes: 14D 14H

    The sole finest example at the BN color designation! This crisply detailed specimen displays rich glossy brown coloration with green and pink undertones, especially vivid on the reverse. The eye appeal is fantastic!

    Rare Proof Issue

    1838 1c NGC Proof 65 BN

    Next Bid: $21,750.00
    Closes: 14D 14H

    A lovely gem example of this rare proof issue, from a mintage of 12 coins. Smooth and nicely reflective, the fields glimmer with rose, gold, and orange-brown tints. Wonderful eye appeal, this well-preserved specimen is tied for finest known at the BN color level.