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    Registry Quality

    1932 25c PCGS MS67

    Vault Value
    Next Bid: $9,750.00
    Closes: 2D 16H

    Outstanding example of this first year of Washington quarter issue, bested by only a single example at either service. Satiny and smooth with razor sharp details! A fantastic example for the advanced collector.

    Beautiful Ultra Gem

    1941 25c NGC Proof 68

    Vault Value
    Next Bid: $2,400.00
    Closes: 2D 16H

    Stunningly preserved ultra gem example from a mintage of just 15,287 coins. Silvery white mirrors are bright and essentially flawless with touches of gold and orange toning featured on the obverse.

    Tough S-Mint

    1856-S 50c PCGS MS63

    Vault Value
    Next Bid: $13,000.00
    Closes: 2D 16H

    Registry quality example of this lower mintage S-mint! Just 211,000 coins struck and only three examples have been graded finer than this select specimen. Satiny, choice surfaces are radiantly lustrous and crisply struck. The eye appeal is wonderful! An important offering for the advanced collector.

    Better S-Mint

    1905-S 50c PCGS MS67

    Vault Value
    Next Bid: $19,000.00
    Closes: 2D 16H

    A stunning registry quality example of this better S-mint Barber half. Only a single piece has been graded finer by either grading service. Satiny luster glows from the smooth, clean surfaces. Sharply defined devices are highlighted by lovely golden tints scattered along the rims of both sides.

    Beautiful Gem

    1876 Trade$ PCGS MS66 (OGH)

    Vault Value
    Next Bid: $23,000.00
    Closes: 2D 17H

    Beautiful and original gem. Sharply embossed reliefs and impeccably preserved surfaces that feature lovely blended tones of pale blue, gold, pink, and sea-green. Wonderful eye appeal! Only a single piece graded finer by PCGS.

    Low Mintage Date

    1872-S $2 1/2 PCGS MS62

    Vault Value
    Next Bid: $7,750.00
    Closes: 2D 18H

    Low mintage date -- just 18,000 coins struck only a handful of which have been graded finer than this lovely specimen. Well-detailed with vibrant mint luster and pleasing medium-gold coloration evenly coating both sides.

    Scarce Charlotte Issue

    1842-C $5 PCGS XF40 (Small Date)

    Vault Value
    Next Bid: $16,500.00
    Closes: 2D 18H

    Lustrous, lightly marked surfaces and with original, golden-yellow color. Moderate high-point friction is present, although the coin retains wonderful detail. Incredibly scarce Charlotte issue from a low mintage of just 4,595 coins with sharp details for the assigned grade.

    Struck by General Motors!

    General Motors Pattern: 1967 1c NGC MS62 BN (P-4055, 100% Copper, 4.49 grams)

    Vault Value
    Next Bid: $5,500.00
    Closes: 2D 18H

    Similar to the Pollock-4055 pattern cent, this Pollock-Unlisted cent is believed to be from the experimental roller press that General Motors created for the Mint. This piece is simpler than the Pollock-4055 and is therefore thought to predate it. In the 1960s, there was a coin shortage that caused the U.S. Mint to contract General Motors to create a coin press with the capacity of 10,000 per minute. GM developed a small-scale prototype that was promising enough for the Mint to commission a full-scale press. However, although the press worked as planned, the maintenance required to keep the press running was its downfall. The machine had to be shut down to replace cracked dies, the dies were cracking more often due to the speed and the press and its dies required frequent lubrication, and some of the oil leaked onto the metal strips used for coins, causing an undesirable ripple effect. The only lasting evidence of this press are the prototype coins printed in the press, such as this one.