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1793 Chain 1c PCGS VG-10 (AMERICA, OGH)

Old Green Label Holder

Eye Appeal:
Degree of Toning: 5/10
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1793 Chain 1c PCGS VG-10 (AMERICA, OGH)

DLRC #: 1333201 // PCGS #: 1341

An unusually "affordable" early chain cent housed in an early PCGS holder. The front shows some obvious signs of wear with the typical marks of a lower grade issue, but the definition of the devices on the reverse stand out pulling this coin to a higher-end VG piece. Perfect for the type collector before the price doubles in a single grade higher.

  • Category Early Copper
  • Series Large Cents
  • Type Flowing hair obverse, Chain reverse
  • Years for Type 1793
  • Strike Business
  • Denomination Cent
  • Mint Location Philadelphia
  • Designer engraved by Henry Voigt
  • Composition Copper
  • Weight 13.48g
  • Edge Type Bars and vines, with leaves
Title Realized Sold
1793 Chain 1c PCGS VG-08 BN (AMERICA, OGH) $10,000.00 01/16/2017
1793 Chain 1c PCGS AG-03 BN (AMERICA) - No Reserve! $4,075.00 02/08/2016
1793 Chain 1c ANACS AG-1 $752.00 09/25/2006
1793 Chain 1c AMERICA ANACS Poor 1 BN $1,100.00 05/15/2006
1793 Chain 1c ANACS Poor 1 $710.00 02/28/2005