1860 Mormon $5 PCGS VF30

Historically Important Territorial Gold

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1860 Mormon $5 PCGS VF30

DLRC #: 1793612 // PCGS #: 10268

Historically important as the discovery of gold in Colorado in 1858 prompted this final attempt at a Mormon coinage in Utah. Brigham Young sponsored the coinage, that was produced at a mint established in a local jewelry store owned by J.M. Barlow. According to Mormon records, the coins were of full weight and value, and they circulated in the local economy. Outside the Mormon community there was considerable mistrust of the coinage, and it circulated at a discount of 10% to 25%. The coinage continued until 1861, when further production was prohibited by the governor of Utah. The coin displays an attractive design, with a recumbent lion on the obverse, with the date below, and the motto HOLINESS TO THE LORD around. The lettering was inscribed in the Deseret alphabet, and is historically important as one of the few examples of this script to survive today. The reverse features an eagle behind a beehive, with the legend DESERET ASSAY OFFICE. PURE GOLD. around, with 5.D. below. The present coin is an attractive VF example with strong luster. 

  • Category Territorial, CSA & Shipwreck
  • Series Pioneer Gold Coinage
  • Denomination Five Dollars
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