U.S. Coins Half Dollars Kennedy Halves

Complete Set of Kennedy Halves: 1964-2019 50c NGC MS & PR (231 Coins)

Eye Appeal:
Degree of Toning: 1/10
DLRC Inventory #: 1845183

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Item Description:
1964 NGC MS67, 1964 DDO NGC MS65 FS-102, 1964 NGC DDO, 1964-D NGC MS66, 1964-D DDO NGC MS64 FS-101, 1964-D DDO MS63 FS-104, 1964-D QDO NGC MS64 FS-105, 1964-D TDO NGC MS64 VP-002, 1964 D/D NGC MS63 FS-501, 1964 D/D NGC MS63 FS-502, 1964 D/D NGC MS65 FS-503, 1965 NGC MS66, 1966 NGC MS66, 1966 DDO NGC MS64 FS-101, 1967 NGC MS66, 1968-D NGC MS66, 1969-D NGC MS66, 1970-D NGC MS65, 1971 NGC MS66, 1971-D NGC MS67, 1971-D DDO NGC MS64 FS-101, 1972 NGC MS66, 1972-D NGC MS67, 1972-D NGC AU55 NO FG, 1973 NGC MS66, 1973-D NGC MS67, 1974 NGC MS66, 1974-D NGC MS66, 1974-D DDO NGC MS64 FS-101, 1976 NGC MS66, 1976-D NGC MS66, 1976-S NGC MS67, 1976-S Silver DDO NGC MS66 FS-101, 1977 NGC MS67, 1977-D NGC MS66, 1978 NGC MS67, 1978-D NGC MS66, 1979 NGC MS67, 1979-D NGC MS66, 1980 NGC MS67, 1980-D NGC MS66, 1981 NGC MS67, 1981-D NGC MS66, 1982 NGC MS66, 1982 NGC MS66 NO FG, 1982-D NGC MS66, 1983 NGC MS66, 1983-D NGC MS66, 1984 NGC MS66, 1984-D NGC MS66, 1985 NGC MS67, 1985-D NGC MS67, 1986 NGC MS67, 1986-D NGC MS67, 1987 NGC MS67, 1987-D NGC MS67, 1988 NGC MS67, 1988-D NGC MS67, 1989 NGC MS67, 1989-D NGC MS67, 1990 NGC MS67, 1991 NGC MS67, 1991-D NGC MS67, 1992 NGC MS67, 1992-D NGC MS67, 1993 NGC MS67, 1993-D NGC MS67, 1994 NGC MS67, 1994-D NGC MS67, 1995 NGC MS67, 1995-D NGC MS67, 1996 NGC MS67, 1996-D NGC MS67, 1997 NGC MS67, 1997-D NGC MS67, 1998 NGC MS67, 1998-D NGC MS67, 1999-D NGC MS67, 2000 NGC MS67, 2000-D NGC MS67, 2002-D NGC MS67, 2003-D NGC MS67, 2004 NGC MS67, 2004-D NGC MS68, 2005 NGC MS68, 2005-D NGC MS67, 2006 NGC MS67, 2006-D NGC MS67, 2008 NGC MS67, 2010 NGC MS67, 2011 NGC MS68, 2011-D NGC MS68 Early Releases, 2012 NGC MS68 Early Releases, 2012-D NGC MS67, 2013 NGC MS67, 2013-D NGC MS68, 2014 NGC MS68, 2014-D NGC MS67, 2014-D Silver PCGS MS70 First Strike, 2015 NGC MS67, 2015-D NGC MS67, 2016 NGC MS67, 2016-D NGC MS68, 2017 NGC MS67, 2017-D NGC MS67, 2018 NGC MS67, 1990-D NGC MS66 PL, 2014-S Enhanced Silver PCGS MS70 PL First Strike, 2018-D NGC MS67 PL, 2019-D NGC MS68 PL Early Releases, 1964 NGC PR68 UCAM, 1964 Accent Hair NGC PR67 CAM, 1964 Accent Hair DDO NGC PR68 FS-103, 1964 DDO NGC PR68 FS-104, 1964 TDO NGC PR67 VP-002, 1964 DDO NGC PR67 FS-101, 1968-S NGC PR69 UCAM, 1968-S DDO NGC PR67 FS-101, 1969-S NGC PR69 UCAM, 1970-S NGC PR69 UCAM, 1970-S DDO NGC PR67 FS-101, 1971-S NGC PR68 UCAM, 1971-S DDO NGC PR67 FS-101, 1972-S NGC PR69 UCAM, 1973-S NGC PR69 UCAM, 1974-S NGC PR69 UCAM, 1976-S PR69 CAM STAR, 1976-S Silver NGC PR69 UCAM, 1977-S NGC PR69 UCAM, 1978-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1979-S TYPE 1 NGC PR70 UCAM, 1979-S TYPE 2 NGC PR70 UCAM, 1980-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1981-S TYPE 1 NGC PR70 UCAM, 1981-S TYPE 2 NGC PR70 UCAM, 1982-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1983-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1984-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1985-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1986-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1987-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1988-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1989-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1990-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1991-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1992-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1992-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 1993-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1993-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 1994-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1994-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 1995-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1995-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 1996-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1996-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 1997-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1997-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 1998-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1998-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 1999-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 1999-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 2000-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 2000-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 2001-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 2001-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 2002-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 2002-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 2003-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 2003-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 2004-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 2004-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 2005-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 2005-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 2006-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 2006-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 2007-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 2007-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 2008-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 2008-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 2009-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 2009-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 2010-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 2010-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 2011-S NGC PR70 UCAM Early Releases, 2011-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 2012-S NGC PR70 UCAM Early Releases, 2012-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 2013-S NGC PR70 UCAM Early Releases, 2013-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 2014 Silver NGC70 UCAM High Relief Early Releases, 2014-S NGC PR70 UCAM Early Releases, 2014-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM Early Releases, 2014-W Silver NGC PR70 Reverse Proof Early Releases, 2014-W GOLD NGC PR69 UCAM High Relief, 2015-S NGC PR70 UCAM Early Releases, 2015-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM Early Releases, 2016-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 2016-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM Early Releases, 2017-S NGC PR70 UCAM, 2017-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM, 2018-S NGC PR70 UCAM Early Releases, 2018-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM Early Releases, 2018-S Silver NGC PR70 Reverse Proof Early Releases, 2018-S Silver NGC PR70 Reverse Proof Light Finish, 2019-S NGC PR70 UCAM Early Releases, 2019-S Silver NGC PR70 UCAM First Day of Issue, 2019-S NGC PR70 Enhanced Reverse Proof Early Releases, 1965 SMS NGC MS67 CAM, 1966 SMS NGC MS68 CAM, 1966 SMS DDO NGC MS67 Doubled Profile, 1966 SMS DDO NGC MS65 CAM FS-106, 1966 SMS DDO NGC MS66 FS-1021966 SMS DDO NGC MS67 VP-002, 1966 SMS DDO NGC MS66 VP-003, 1966 SMS DDO NGC MS66 VP-004, 1966 SMS DDO NGC MS67 VP-006, 1966 SMS NGC MS65 NO FG, 1967 SMS NGC MS68 CAM, 1967 SMS QDO NGC MS66 FS-101, 1996-S Silver NGC, 1998-S Silver SMS NGC MS70, 2005 SMS NGC MS69, 2005-D SMS NGC MS68, 2006 SMS NGC MS68, 2009 SMS NGC MS68, 2009-D SMS NGC MS68, 2010 SMS NGC MS68, 2010-D SMS NGC MS69, 2014 SMS NGC MS68 High Relief, 2014-D SMS NGC MS68 High Relief, 2014-D Silver SMS NGC MS70 High Relief Early Releases, 2014-S Silver SMS NGC MS70 PL High Relief Enhanced Finish, 2017-S SMS MS70 Enhanced Finish Early Releases

DLRC Related Auction Data:
Date Sold

1964 50c PCGS MS67



1964 50c PCGS MS66



1964 50c PCGS MS66



1964 50c PCGS MS66 (OGH)



1964 50c PCGS MS66



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Catalog Details:
PCGS #: 6706 ()
Catalog: U.S. Coins
Category: Half Dollars
Series: Kennedy Halves
Type: 90% silver
Years for Type: 1964
Strike: Business
Denomination: Half dollar
Mint Location: Philadelphia
Designer: Gilroy Roberts & Frank Gasparro
Composition: 90% silver; 10% copper
Weight: 12.5g
Edge Type: Reeded
Mintage: 273,304,004