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1795 $10 '13 Leaves' NGC XF45

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Degree of Toning: 2/10
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1795 $10 '13 Leaves' NGC XF45

DLRC #: 232896 // PCGS #: 8551

(BD-4; Rarity 5). The 1795 Small Eagle Ten is a truly rare type coin that is coveted by all US gold collectors. Its inspired design and style are virtually unmatched by later coinage and many aspire to own the matching half eagle, as well. This XF45 coin has bright surfaces where it was once lightly cleaned (along with the vast majority of graded XF-AU specimens of this date); but the details of this piece set it apart from other XF's. The coin is so close to AU in technical grade that one would be hard pressed to find a better example for the money.We noted that this coin is the BD-4 variety (5 free of Bust) which is much scarcer than the more commonly seen BD-1 variety.

  • Category Gold Coinage
  • Series $10 Early Gold (1795-1804)
  • Type Draped bust, small eagle
  • Years for Type 1795-1797
  • Strike Business
  • Denomination Eagle
  • Mint Location Philadelphia
  • Designer James B. Longacre
  • Composition 91.67% gold; 8.33% silver & copper
  • Weight 17.5g
  • Edge Type Reeded
Title Realized Sold
1795 $10 NGC AU58 $84,000.00 01/09/2017
1795 $10 NGC AU58 $41,000.00 07/22/2004
1795 $10 PCGS VF35 $48,500.00 07/31/2008