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1802 H10c NGC AU50 (LM-1) ex:Parmalee/Pittman/Price/LM Plate

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Degree of Toning: 5/10
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1802 H10c NGC AU50 (LM-1) ex:Parmalee/Pittman/Price/LM Plate

DLRC #: 237933 // PCGS #: 4268

A monster rarity which speaks volumes on its own. Quite likely one of the finest 3 specimens known of this famous rarity. Over the past decade, the 1802 half dime has abandoned its sleepy status as an overlooked rarity and come into the limelight as one of the most coveted of all U.S. coins in the catalog. This particular specimen is not only one of the finest known, but also has the distinction of having the richest pedigree of any specimen. For starters, it hails from the famous Pittman Collection. It was later immortalized by Logan and McCloskey as the plate coin for the date in their reference books on Bust half dimes. All details sharp and present with superb original surfaces and one of the best strikes of any known example. A handful of tiny (very old) pin-pricks are noted on Liberty's bust, one on her chin and one in the field behind her hair -- these also serve to properly identify the pedigree. NGC would likely have given a higher grade if not for these, as well. Truly a choice coin for the connoisseur of major rarities, and the Bust half dime specialist.

  • Category Half Dimes & Dimes
  • Series Early Half Dimes (1792-1836)
  • Type Draped bust
  • Years for Type 1796-1805
  • Strike Business
  • Denomination Half dime
  • Mint Location Philadelphia
  • Designer Robert Scot
  • Composition 89% silver; 11% copper
  • Weight 1.35g
  • Edge Type Reeded
  • Mintage 3,060
Title Realized Sold
1802 H10c PCGS VF30 (LM-1) $117,500.00 04/02/2007