1943 1c NGC XF Details (Bronze, Obverse Scratched)

Rare Bronze 1943 Cent

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1943 1c NGC XF Details (Bronze, Obverse Scratched)

DLRC #: 1771035 // PCGS #: 82710

Regarded as the most famous of all mint errors, the 1943 copper cent is a true rarity. All 1943 cents were supposed to have been struck in zinc-coated steel to conserve copper during World War II; however, some mistakes were made at the Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver mints and some 1943 copper cent examples went into circulation.This particular piece was found in a gumball machine in Philadelphia in 1976 and was sold to a collector for the then-impressive sum of $1,000. It was passed down to the collector's children who submitted it to NGC for grading through Hudson Rare Coins.

  • Category Small Cents
  • Series Lincoln Cents - Wheat Reverse
  • Type Lincoln, Wheat reverse (Bronze)
  • Years for Type 1909-1958
  • Strike Business
  • Denomination Cent
  • Mint Location Philadelphia
  • Designer Victor D. Brenner
  • Composition 95% copper; 5% zinc & tin
  • Weight 3.11g
  • Edge Type Plain
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