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1776 $1 Continental Dollar - EG FECIT, Pewter PCGS/CAC AU58

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1776 $1 Continental Dollar - EG FECIT, Pewter PCGS/CAC AU58

DLRC #: 233410 // PCGS #: 795

We are excited to offer this historic numismatic treasure -- the Continental dollar. The Continental dollar-size coin is the only pre-Federal issue to be struck with the famous 1776 date and the symbolic importance of these coins is endless. The reverse design depicts thirteen rings, each with the name of the original colonies. The obverse depicts the classic sundial motif with the words FUGIO (Latin for 'I Fly') and EG FECIT ('E[lisha] G[alludet] made it'). The EG FECIT examples of the Continental dollars are scarce than those without the designer's initials. But what makes this particular coin special is the beauty of its surfaces. The piece is remarkable for it's sharpness of strike and pristine surfaces. Every detail is sharp and legible and there is no corrosion to be seen on the piece -- very unusual for these delicate pieces which were struck in pewter (or tin, as historians now believe). A few pieces are known struck in silver and brass but these seldom trade. We love this coin for its historic importance and quality. If you compare this piece to the majority of those which have traded at auction, you will be hard pressed to find a nicer coin.

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1776 Continental Dollar $1 PCGS XF40 (EG FECIT, Pewter) $44,000.00 03/20/2017